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Names and surnames with meaning

Popular female names

Jessica ♀

Hye-jin ♀

Ji-eun ♀

Liga ♀

Xiuying ♀

Chae-won ♀

Ami ♀

Eslem ♀

Min-ji ♀

Diana ♀

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Popular male names

Hanzo ♂

Shohei ♂

Yaxkin ♂

Nikora ♂

Yuta ♂

Xinyi ♂

Min-jun ♂

Jingyi ♂

Jiahao ♂

Rin ♂

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About names and surnames

Names and surnames have always been given great importance. The formation of character, as well as the fate of a person determines the essence or meaning of his first and last name, which is confirmed by research by scientists and psychologists. This fact has been known to people since ancient times, when names (for example, biblical names), nicknames and surnames were given depending on the skills and talents of a person, and only then — boys and girls were called in a certain way in order to influence their character and fate.

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Male and female names - a list with meanings

Name — part of speech used when addressing a person, assigned at birth. Most often, names are classified into male and female. Female name - assigned, respectively, to a child-a girl, a girl, a woman. The male name is assigned to a child-a boy, a man. National — well-established traditional names used by individual ethnic groups, groups, and nationalities.

Surnames - a list with meanings

The term surname comes from the Latin familia and means "family". A surname is a generic designation of a person, usually inherited, and indicating that they belong to the same family or to the same genus.